holiday launch 2020

Can you believe it’s that time of the year? I am ready for some holiday magic this year, I think we all are. And I love being a part of Young Living during this magical time of the year! They have the best holiday products and I do so much Christmas shopping from my ownContinue reading “holiday launch 2020”

My essential oils journey

I starting getting interested in essential oils at the end of 2018. I had started to get more interested in ways I can support my wellness naturally. I wasn’t sure where to buy essential oils from. I looked on Amazon, but I was BLOWN AWAY that there  could be such a big difference in priceContinue reading “My essential oils journey”

Are essential oils safe?

This method of assisting your body is relatively new to our western culture. But Essential Oils have been used as a powerful tool in health for thousands of years across the globe. In turn, there have been thousands of years of research and wisdom that have come before us. Here are a few things toContinue reading “Are essential oils safe?”

What are essential oils?

We actually use essential oils everyday. They are in our toothpaste, our laundry detergent, perfume, candles, candy, deodorant, and shampoos. Anything that has been scented has essential oils in it. But not all oils are created equally. Food and perfume grade oils are typically synthetic unless stated otherwise. These two types of oils cannot beContinue reading “What are essential oils?”

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