hi. i’m lucy.

i live in texas. i love my husband and my dog. i love playing soccer and drinking iced coffee. i like to spend my weekends mountain biking and/or hiking with my little family. i love traveling and watching The Office. and sunshine makes me fly.

i am passionate about natural living. i am passionate about time with the people who mean the most to you. i am passionate about intentional relationships and real conversations. i am passionate about processing and working through the hard stuff. i am passionate about community and supporting each other on our journey.

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Read more about me and my journey with essential oils in this blog post!

What I’ve been sharing on the blog:

holiday launch 2020

Can you believe it’s that time of the year? I am ready for some holiday magic this year, I think we all are. And I love being a part of Young Living during this magical time of the year! They have the best holiday products and I do so much Christmas shopping from my own…

Young Living’s October Promos

Fall into wellness with October’s PV promo picks! With the cool, crisp days inviting you to get outside and play, now’s the time to refresh your routines and harvest healthy habits. Start by adding the fresh, earthy smell of Ravintsara to your yoga or meditation sessions, then boost well-being with a softgel a day of…

How to sign up + join the team

Green Space Essentials is a lifestyle and a community. We believe that we rise by lifting others, and life is so much better together. So you want to get your very own starter kit with Young Living. This is exciting friend. When you are doing this, you are trusting me to lead you through this…


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