Young Living’s October Promos

Fall into wellness with October’s PV promo picks! With the cool, crisp days inviting you to get outside and play, now’s the time to refresh your routines and harvest healthy habits.

Start by adding the fresh, earthy smell of Ravintsara to your yoga or meditation sessions, then boost well-being with a softgel a day of Inner Defense®. After an afternoon of apple picking and mastering corn mazes, cozy up to a cup of Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea—and enjoy this rejuvenating blend in our exclusive Young Living mug, handmade by women artisans in Vietnam who have faced economic hardships. When life isn’t pumpkin spice and everything nice, diffuse AromaEase® and make relaxation a priority.

Qualify today and earn these free gifts with no extra shipping charge!


• Empower financial well-being. In collaboration with the Young Living Foundation, each mug is handcrafted from natural, locally mined clay by women artisans in Vietnam. Your order helps these artisans break the cycle of poverty, find financial stability, and provide for loved ones.

• Sip on something sweet and healthy. Infuse your tea or homemade apple cider with Vitality oils and savor the pure flavor in this beautiful blue and gray mug.

*The Young Living mug is available only while supplies last. If the mug goes out of stock, we will reward 30 ER points instead.

  • Enjoy a hot cup of goodness. Treat yourself to our exquisite evening tea filled with organic ingredients and warm, familiar spice.
  • Brew a little sereni-tea. After a long, trying day, press pause to carve out some mindful tea time and quiet mental chatter.
  • Start a wellness routine. Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, so support a healthy immune system all month long with a 30-day supply of Inner Defense.**
  • Rake in the health benefits. Up your daily dose to 3–5 softgels or combine the healthy immune-supporting power of Inner Defense with our probiotic powerhouse Life 9®.**
AROMAEASE essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • Treat your tummy to some TLC. Had one too many pumpkin spice treats? Apply equal parts AromaEase and V-6TM onto your stomach and rub it into your skin for a soothing aromatic experience.
  • Respect your limits. When you need a break from a demanding day, diffuse AromaEase while you take a few deep, deliberate breaths and shake out your neck and shoulders.
Bonus Essential Rewards: RAVINTSARA essential oil, 5 ml
  • Find your center. Cue your mind that it’s time to meditate with a Ravintsara diffuser blend that you use only during your practice. Try 2 drops each of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Copaiba.
  • Look after your skin. Add Ravintsara to your face wash or toner for an extra boost of skin-cleansing properties.
  • Get our wellness gifts for less. Reach our 100 PV tier and we’ll ship your qualifying order for free!
  • Stack the shipping savings. Earn all the fall favorites and wellness-boosters in this promo and get free shipping on your entire order.

the VALUE of the promos:

Essential Rewards Orders:
  • 400 PV tier: $196.44
  • 300 PV tier: $166.44
  • 250 PV tier: $125.65
  • 190 PV tier: $88.15
  • 100 PV tier: free shipping
One-time shop orders:
  • 400 PV tier: $157.30
  • 300 PV tier: $127.30
  • 250 PV tier: $86.51
  • 190 PV tier: $49.01
  • 100 PV tier: free shipping

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I run my own Young Living business, Green Space Essentials. I believe in having safe, clean, natural products in your home. I believe in the support essential oils can provide for big feelings, for our immune system, for our overall wellness, and so much more.

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