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Green Space Essentials is a lifestyle and a community. We believe that we rise by lifting others, and life is so much better together.

So you want to get your very own starter kit with Young Living. This is exciting friend.

When you are doing this, you are trusting me to lead you through this wellness journey as well as supporting my family. You will be dancing around like a crazy person when the postman delivers your kit!!! TRUST! We also have an incredible Facebook group I will add you into as soon as you are enrolled (it has all kinds of product education, recipes, tips,& ideas for how to use your oils & continue the ditch & switch process in your home). It’s also a safe place to ask questions. Just make sure you accept the invite on Facebook cause of the new group settings Facebook recently released.
While we’re at it, there is NO pressure or commitment ever to sell, but if you choose to get a casual sign-up you will receive $50 from Young Living as long as you have spent 50pv that same month. If you happen to enroll someone yourself- you are welcome to add them to the Facebook group once they are official, or just let me know and I’ll get them added! Community is everything and together, we rise.

First things first:

Let’s start by deciding on which starter kit is best for your lifestyle goals.

The Premium Starter Kit

$165-$265 depending on which diffuser you choose

Comes with 12, 5-ml oils, (including bonus Stress Away + Peace & Calming!), diffuser, samples (Ningxia, Thieves hand sanitizer, Thieves spray), roller tops, product guide, and info.

If you’re looking to get started using essential oils, I think this is the best place to start with Young Living. After snagging your kit, you are officially a member (of Young Living and of my team!)! Then you can purchase all items at the wholesale cost moving forward. But that doesn’t mean there is any commitment or fee! And all that is only $165. (not bundled is well over $400, insane.) Think of it like a Costco membership. You also join our amazing community where we have resources upon resources— we will be here to help educate you and support you every step of the way if you need so that you feel confident in the oily world- cause I get it, sometimes it can be overwhelming at first. There is never ever any commitment to sell at all but if you were interested, this is an incredible team because we have free mentorship and classes upon classes to help educate and teach you all the things to run your own business.

The Thieves Starter Kit


Comes with a variety of Thieves products: toothpaste, mouthwash, household cleaner, hand soap, spray, hand purifier, AND Thieves essential oil, Stress Away, samples, roller top, product guide, and info.

If you seriously want to get started with getting toxic products out of your home and switching to safe, clean, plant-based products, this is 100% the place to start! The value of this kit is crazy!! In fact, the value of the Thieves line is crazy! One bottle of Thieves cleaner makes 20, 16 oz spray bottles of cleaner! Not to get to technical… But that brings it out to be $1.13 per bottle of cleaner. I use one bottle of concentrate in a year!! And I use that cleaner for EVERY surface in my house. This kit, also gets you a wholesale membership, so you can continue to take it one bite/one room at a time as you ditch and switch your home.

While we’re talking about getting our homes clean and green… Let me talk about Essential Rewards (ER) really quick. Because if you are buying this kit, you want to do better with what you bring into your home. You are making this the first step in a journey to use safe, clean products in your home. The best way to continue to do that, is with your own monthly, customizable wellness box. ER is basically like a holistic Amazon. ER is by far my favorite part of Young Living (and how I get to try so many free oils)! Sometimes, people feel like they do not have the “extra” money to do this. I thought that when I first signed up too. I would encourage you to write down all the products you use every month. You will be surprised that, most likely, you are already spending that on products you’re buying for your home anyway. This way, you are taking that money and buying healthy, safe, immune building products with Young Living (I’m talking everything, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, makeup, mouthwash, cleaning supplies, kids products, pet products- the list is a mile long). Young Living has it all. Oh, by the way, you get 10% back on everything. THEN at month four–that gets bumped up to 20%! Insane. And eventually—25% back! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Target but they don’t do that for me!

The Ningxia Red Starter Kit


Comes with a two-pack of Ningxia Red (bottles),
30 1-oz Ningxia Red singles, Ningxia Nitro, product guide, and info

I can tell you so much about how I love Ningxia Red, my husband and I both drink it every day! I can tell a difference in my energy levels, but I wanted to copy and paste information straight from Young LIving’s website talking about Ningxia Red.

Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young was traveling the world 23 years ago seeking the natural secrets of longevity, energy, and vitality, when he was introduced to the powerful wolfberry found in China’s remote Ningxia region. For centuries residents of this region have enjoyed the astonishing wellness-supporting benefits of wolfberries (also known as goji berries), but due to the region’s isolation, knowledge of this remarkable superfruit has remained relatively hidden from Western culture. Gary began finding out all he could about the wolfberry and became convinced that this superfruit needed to be made available to the world.

By combining selectively sourced Ningxia wolfberries, superfruit extracts, and pure essential oils, Gary created Young Living’s proprietary NingXia Red®. This delicious beverage has made its way into homes of members across the globe and has expanded into an entire line of NingXia Red products. When incorporated into your daily wellness routine, NingXia Red products can support energy levels, eye health, whole-body wellness, help fight against oxidative stress, and support normal cellular function.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Second things second:

Click this button

It just opened a new tab, so you can follow these instructions to sign up!!

Step 1: Choose your Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit will already be selected for $165 and comes with your choice of diffuser. You can choose the Dewdrop or Desert Mist at that $165 price. The Desert Mist diffuser flickers like a candle and it can run 10 hours, so it’s perfect for by the bed and replacing candles. If you love the Aria diffuser, buying that with our starter kit is the best deal for snagging it.

If you want to choose a different kit, you will see a drop down menu for the other kit options!

STEP 2: Essential Rewards Enrollment 

+To hop on– hit YES when it asks “Would you like to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products?” it will then ask you “Do you want to use your Premium Starter Kit (PSK) as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order? There are perks to using your PSK as your first ER order: You’ll automatically meet the order requirements to enroll in Essential Rewards.” Choose YES!

+Your premium starter kit counts as your first month er order so no additional money needs to be spent up front.

When you hop on ER, you’ll get some extra loving:

+10 points back in YL store credit to use the following month (points = FREE $)

+ ER is never a requirement (unless you are using this as a business), you could pass, or also wait and do it later if you’d like, but it’s best to hop on now. BECAUSE ya know– DEALS. **keep in mind that ER is a monthly order, but you customize it each month, AND you can cancel at any time with no penalties (except you won’t want to because you’ll be getting all the freebie oils, and you’ll be STALKING YOUR POSTMAN for your box of wellness each month!!)

STEP 3: Set Up Your Monthly Essential Rewards Order

+Your kit will count for your first ER order! On this step, you will set up your NEXT MONTH’S order. (Don’t worry too much about this, because you can always change it after enrolling! I’ll help you get that first custom order set up!)

STEP 4: A single click

+Click the Purple Box “Next” to continue (easy breezy).

STEP 5: Your Info

+Fill out your info & continue (you only need to enter social if you want to earn commissions from Young Living).

STEP 6: Shipping & Payment Info

+Add shipping and payment info to complete checkout.

STEP 7: Dance

+Do a happy dance because your kit is coming & it’s going to be THE HAPPIEST DAY when it shows up at your doorstep!!! trust me.

+I’ll also immediately add you to our team Facebook page that I mentioned. This group has a ton of testimonies and other ideas on what you can do with your kit!!!! I’ll tag you in some of my favorites.

+Questions?? Get stuck at one of the steps?? Feel free to message me– I’m here to help you!!!


Welcome to Green Space Essentials!!

I do a lot of product education, giveaways, deals, hangouts on Instagram!
Make sure you follow @greenspaceessentials

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I run my own Young Living business, Green Space Essentials. I believe in having safe, clean, natural products in your home. I believe in the support essential oils can provide for big feelings, for our immune system, for our overall wellness, and so much more.

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