My essential oils journey

I starting getting interested in essential oils at the end of 2018. I had started to get more interested in ways I can support my wellness naturally. I wasn’t sure where to buy essential oils from. I looked on Amazon, but I was BLOWN AWAY that there  could be such a big difference in price between the “same” essential oils. It just didn’t add up. Here’s the reality, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  I started to look for companies that had a history and reputation for quality essential oils, and I found a few. So I began digging deeper so find out the differences between these companies. I knew that if I started using essential oils, and if I signed up with a company, I wanted to have a lot of options. I wanted to get everything I needed from one place. I wanted it to be simple. I was also nervous. There are so many ideas surrounding essential oils and multi level marketing companies and I didn’t want to be weird. I didn’t want to be a part of a company that was going to have a bunch of requirements or require me to spend more than I wanted to. Then two things happened. I found out that someone who I knew and trusted was a part of young living, and I knew she was not going to be a part of something sketchy. And I saw the wide range of products that Young Living offered… It was way more than any other company I had looked at. As I looked into it more, I saw that there was no membership fee. The only thing I had to do to keep my account active was buy $50/year. So, buy the things I already needed anyway, that’s what kept my account active. 

Before buying a kit, I talked to my husband. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but something told me this was going to be something big. I knew that this was going to be a lifestyle change, and I needed him to be on board with it. We had already been starting to talk about wanted to start using cleaner products in our home. I told him about the kit, I told him the little I had knew about the other products, and I told him I wanted to do this, but I wanted to do it together. After a few days of thinking and talking about it, we decided to order the kit. I contacted that person I trusted who I knew had a link for me to order through, and I messaged her and said I was stoked about my kit to arrive! She immediately got me additional information and got me in touch with people who started walking alongside me to make sure I felt confident to use the oils in my kit and answer all my questions. 

Because of the holidays, my kit took a few weeks to arrive, and I was impatiently waiting for it! During that time, I actually got sick with the flu, and I remember feeling to frustrated that I was sick. All the while wishing I had my oils here already to help. As someone who wanted to be careful about what I put in and on my body, I was frustrated. I felt powerless, I felt like I was just waiting it out, and I don’t do that well. While I was frustrated, this time made me slow down and gave me time to really evaluate why I wanted to pursue a more natural lifestyle. I had time to read about Young Living and essential oils. It gave me time to get to know members of this team I had just joined (and they were wonderful and so supportive by the way! This was such an unexpected, huge blessing.) It gave me a renewed belief that there was a better way and I wanted it for our home and for my family. I was ready to find out more, pursue this lifestyle, and make a change. 

When my kit arrived, I was over the moon. It was worth the wait (but don’t do that to yourself, get quicker shipping, just trust me). I immediately opened it up, smelled everything, and started diffusing. Because those wonderful team members had already plugged me into education, I knew what to do and I was ready to get started. Another thing they had got me involved in was a business mentorship. I had no idea what the YL business was, but I was willing to find out more, I was ready to learn. And truthfully, I was not 100% in at that time, but I knew, whether I pursued the business or not, I wanted to share how much I loved these oils no matter what. That business mentorship answered a lot of questions (mostly questions I didn’t even know to ask) and gave me a lot to think about, but there was no commitment required. I was in that group to learn, to find out if this was right for me and for our family. And I love that. I have learned that I am someone who is not good with commitment, so being able to walk through that information knowing that the decision was ENTIRELY up to me, the pressure was off, was huge. The business is always an option for any wholesale member, but it is never required. This was very freeing for me. 

And now, a year and a half later, here I am. Products in my home are clean and safe. I have a toolkit of essential oils for support with emotions, immune, focus, sleep. I have grown in my passion for these products and the ability to have a better way of doing things in our most sacred space, our home. I love sharing my story and walking alongside others in their own story. It’s a dream come true. It’s a dream I didn’t know to dream, a dream I didn’t know I could have. I am continually so grateful for Young Living, for this community, and for the personal and professional growth this journey has brought.

Published by Lucy

I run my own Young Living business, Green Space Essentials. I believe in having safe, clean, natural products in your home. I believe in the support essential oils can provide for big feelings, for our immune system, for our overall wellness, and so much more.

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