Are essential oils safe?

This method of assisting your body is relatively new to our western culture. But Essential Oils have been used as a powerful tool in health for thousands of years across the globe. In turn, there have been thousands of years of research and wisdom that have come before us. Here are a few things to know and think about as you find outmode about essential oils…

+ As you’re doing your own research on safety, be sure to find CREDIBLE sources of information that are trustworthy. Opinions are not always reliable sources especially when they’re from people you don’t know. So to get you started, here are some places to look.

+There are some great books written by Doctors and Scientists at Life Science Publishing online. They talk about the science, chemistry, safety and usage of essential oils.

Young Living has some great information on their website.

This is just scratching the surface. I’m sure you want more info than that so keep reading! This is also the importance of joining a community! I get to walk with you hand in hand as you learn and discover essential oils and all the benefits they have for you and your family.

Published by Lucy

I run my own Young Living business, Green Space Essentials. I believe in having safe, clean, natural products in your home. I believe in the support essential oils can provide for big feelings, for our immune system, for our overall wellness, and so much more.

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