What are essential oils?

We actually use essential oils everyday. They are in our toothpaste, our laundry detergent, perfume, candles, candy, deodorant, and shampoos. Anything that has been scented has essential oils in it. But not all oils are created equally. Food and perfume grade oils are typically synthetic unless stated otherwise. These two types of oils cannot be used therapeutically for the benefits of your health. Synthetic oils in fact can do more damage to your body by using them because they can store as toxins, unable to be released.

Young Living Essential Oils are a pure, therapeutic grade and work with your body to assist your health. Within 20 minutes of applying an oil, they can be found in every cell of your body!! These types of pure oils are steam distilled from plants and contain the hormones, immunity, scents and essence of each one.

It’s a highly highly temperamental process to distill essential oils. They are steamed over a long period of time and low heat. If any step is missed or if any step is performed at the wrong time, the entire crop can go to waste. Gary Young said that it takes him 5 years to train the men who work the distilleries. This process is in place to ensure that they know and are confident in the process and timing of each step. When a plant is distilled correctly, it will contain EVERY constituent of that plant therefore have the most benefit for your body.

Published by Lucy

I run my own Young Living business, Green Space Essentials. I believe in having safe, clean, natural products in your home. I believe in the support essential oils can provide for big feelings, for our immune system, for our overall wellness, and so much more.

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